Fuckup Evening

4`Minsk Mediation Fest
May, 16 | Th
18.30 – 19.15
Gazeta Pravda str. 11
Minsk, Belarus
You will hear 4 amazing stories of professional failures, which will be honestly and openly discussed by mediators - recognized professionals in their field

For each story we will have 7-10 minutes, and after that, audience will be able to ask their questions to the speaker
Fuckup-evening? What is it?
While taking part in professional conferences, forums, festivals, trainings and seminars, we are got used to hear the stories of success: about how great the things go and everything works correctly, the tips on how to become a successful professional.

However, each of us knows from our own experience that many success stories are preceded by more than one failure story – it is just not customary to talk about them. Especially at open events and venues.

We believe that it is sometimes possible to derive more benefits from failure stories than from success stories. Therefore, we want to break the established tradition and invite you to Fuckup Evening as part of the IV Minsk Mediation Festival.

We invite you to hear the amazing stories, support our speakers at Fuckup Evening on May 16 at 18:30, and spend this evening in a warm and friendly atmosphere!
Fuckup Evening

May, 16 | 18.30-19.15

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