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The International Mediation Fest in Minsk!

More than 300 participants from different countries joing the Festival to discuss current issues of mediation development, share their experience, establish professional cooperation and develop ideas for joint projects.

Experts from Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, was sreakers, conducted thematic lectures, master classes and seminars.

The Festival is an open space for establishing the dialogue among representatives of different schools, approaches and methodologies in the application of mediation.
Our speakers and experts

Frank Laney

Raleigh, USA
Certified Mediator for the US Court of Appeals, Programs of family and clerk mediation of the NC Dispute Resolution Commission, J.D., University of North Carolina School of Law, an adjunct professor at Campbell University and NC State University, BA in psychology, he was presented with the Peace Award, North Carolina

Adrian Wright

London, Great Britain
Family Mediator and supervisor, accredited and recognised by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) and Legal Aid Agency in England & Wales (1998), an assessor for the FMC, an approved trainer, supervisor mediator and child consultant and a member of The College of Mediators professional standard committee

Dierdre Leask

London, Great Britain
Certified Practitioner Mediator at the UK Rehabilitation Council, manager of the Youth Offending Team in South London, accredited by the British Council for Restorative Justice, a qualified social worker (MA, University of Sussex), community volunteer-mediator on neighboring disputes (London, UK)

Jon Powell

Raleigh, USA
Attorney, Director, Juvenile Justice Mediation Project (Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Campbell University); JD, Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Campbell University); BS, North Carolina State University
Svetlana Petrova
Kharkov, Ukraine
Mediator, lawyer, coach on mediation and facilitation. Chairman of the Board at Center for Law and Mediation/Center of Law&Mediation, owner of the company Conflicta.net, OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine and a permanent lecturer at the ADR Institute of Europe. Judge of the international contest on mediation and negotiations. Member of the working group of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on legal policy and justice. Author of educational programs
Irina Belskaya
Minsk, Belarus
Chairman of the Council of the Center "Mediation and Law" of the Belarusian Republican Union of Lawyers, a member of the Qualification Commission for Mediation of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, associate professor of the Department of International Private and European Law of the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University candidate of legal sciences, associate professor
Tatiana Bilyk
Kiev, Ukraine
Accredited family mediator and supervisor, trainer at the Ukrainian Center of Mediation, practicing psychologist, honorable member of the Ukrainian National Association of Mediators, supervisor of the Voluntary Project on Family Mediation in Kiev
Elena Zhdanovich
Minsk, Belarus
Expert on family mediation in the Center for Mediation and Negotiation, a mediator, trainer of mediators, co-organizer of international events related to the development and promotion of mediation in post-Soviet countries, lawyer and managing partner of the law office "Law and Family Mediation"
Svetlana Sycheva
Minsk, Belarus
Practicing mediator of the Republic of Belarus, expert in court mediation, the Head of Mediation Practice Department in the Center for Mediation and Negotiation (Minsk, Belarus), co-organizer of events of varying scopes in the sphere of mediation and the author of various mediation seminars, trainings and workshops at the court
Ekaterina Gamzunova
Minsk, Belarus
Practicing lawyer and mediator of the Republic of Belarus, coach-mediator, expert in the commercial, family and court mediation, mediator on medical disputes in the Center for Mediation and Negotiation, co-organizer of events of varying scopes in the sphere of mediation and the author of various mediation seminars, trainings and workshops. Declared as an international mediator by International Mediation Institute in the Netherlands, Hague
Nikolay Khotyanovich
Grodno, Belarus
Practicing mediator, coach of mediators at the Mediation and Negotiation Center, author and moderator of seminars, trainings, workshops on practical mediation, head of the pilot project on the promotion of mediation in the general courts of Grodno
Swetlana v. Bismarck
Berlin, Germany
Family mediator, in a counseling service, secretary of the German Family Mediation Association, guardian ad litem (Internationales Mediationszentrum für Familienkonflikte und Kindesentführung). Coach in Zusammenwirken im Familienkonflikt и Konsens Kanzlei Berlin
Dagmar Lägler
Heilbronn, Germany
Mediator, experienced trainer, supervisor and expert in family mediation, especially with children, board member of the Family Mediation Association (BAFM) and board member of MiKK Mediation Center for Family Conflict and Child Abduction
Sabina Titarenko
Geneva, Switzerland
Master of International and European law (University of Geneva), specialization in international family law, an assistant in an international project by Secretary General's Office of International Social Service "International family mediation"
Anton Konovalov
Moskow, Russia
Developer of concept of restorative services in school concept (together with the team of the Center for Judical and Legal Reform), the author of "School reconciliatory services and restorative culture of relationships", professional practicing mediator and mediator-coach, member of European Forum for Restorative Justice
Eugenia Rumble
Chester, London, Great Britain
Accredited mediator, psychotherapist, specialist in working with minors, director of the Center for International Family Mediation (RUCIFM) and mediation practice at Jen Rumble Family Mediation, member of the College of Mediators of England and Wales, family mediator of the "all issues" category including international family disputes with the relocation and illegal removal of children abroad (ADR Group)
Magdalena Grudziecka
Warsaw, Poland
Mediator, vice-president of PCM Board, member of AGIS and COSTA programs and Accessibility and Initiation of Restorative Justice realized in cooperation with European Forum of Restorative Justice from Brussels. Co-author and executive director of projects, training programs and books about penal juvenile, family, civil, financial and consumer mediation. Coach/supervisor of Polish Centre of Mediation
Jerzy Książek
Warsaw, Poland
Founder and member of Polish Mediation Center ( PCM ), vice-president of Central Board of PCM in I and II term, now the President of PCM, co-author and implementer of projects and training programmes and academic books in penalty mediation. Trainer/Coach, supervisor at Polish Mediation Center, Office for Service in Reconciliation between Victim and Offender in Koln
Oksana Zdrok
Minsk, Belarus
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor, author of more than 70 publications dedicated to the alternative dispute resolution, conciliatory procedures and mediation, including the monograph "Conciliation Procedures in the Civil Process: The Modern Theoretical Concept" (2013) and the Mediation Training Manual (2018). Member of the working group for the preparation of the Law of the Republic of Belarus on mediation. Mediator, coach of mediators
Shirin Orazbaeva
Astana, Kazakhstan
Business-coach on mediation in Kazakhstan, member of Kazakhstan Association of HR managers, member of Expert council of Center for Education, Research and Conflict Solving of Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, took part in preparation of more than 1500 trained and certified mediators on socio-labor conflicts in manufacturing companies, has four degrees in Economics and Law
Carol Goodman
London, Great Britain
Assistant Director for the National Commissioning Team which contracts a range of Family Dispute Resolution programmes; these include Domestic Abuse Perpetrator programmes, Child Contact Interventions and Separating Parenting Information programmes. Shr work closely with the Ministry of Justice on innovation and reform in the family justice private law pathway and is the commissioning lead on the Cafcass, MoJ and HMCTS Support with Making Child Arrangements pilot in Greater Manchester
Rebecca John
London, Great Britain
Business Transformation Analyst providing an innovative analytical service for Cafcass (a national organisation delivering court-based social work services to children and families involved in family proceedings). Her role diagnoses both operational, people performance and digitisation opportunities, providing proposals that support increased efficiency and effectiveness in Cafcass' service to children and families. Rebecca is also responsible for leading the coordination of the Cafcass Model Office Programme ents pilot in Greater Manchester
Elena Ivanova
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor, Chair of Conflictology, St. Petersburg State University, Head of the Consultation and Mediation Service, mediator, negotiator, expert-conflictologist, facilitator, consultant, trainer in socio-economic and interpersonal conflicts
Aleksey Korochkin
Minsk, Belarus
Senior Partner of the "Bureau 24" Legal Group, mediator, member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Educational and Practical Center "Mediation and Law" Center" , Ph.D., Associate Professor, the first reconciliatory procedure was held in 2008, in 2015 he was awarded the "Themis" Higher Legal Award in the category "Arbitration Proceedings and Mediation"
Ekaterina Rebitskaya
Vitebsk, Belarus
4th year student of the Faculty of Law of the Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov, laureate of the II International Students' Mediation and Mediation Contest "Mediation of the Future"
Maria Motylyuk
Vinnitsa, Ukraine
International mediator, head of the Podolsk Mediation Center, an ADR expert with 10 years of practical experience (ad-hoc arbitrator, negotiator, mediator), owner of TM "Motyluk and Partners" Legal Bureau, legal adviser, Member of the Working group of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Legal Policy and Justice
Tatiana Ovchinnikova
Omsk, Russia
Associate professor of the philosophy department at Omsk State Pedagogical University, candidate of philosophy, a certified mediator, accredited by the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications for carrying out an examination of information products
Olga Kolotova
Omsk, Russia
Certified mediator (St. Petersburg, 2010), head of the Conflictology Center at Omsk State Pedagogical University
Irina Berleva
Lipetsk, Russia
Head of the Mediation Center of the Scientific Research Institute of the State Educational Establishment of Higher Education of the Lipetsk State Technical University
Svetlana Shurenkova
Moscow, Russia
Lawyer, ex-service federal Judge, a mediator, Ph.D. in Sociological Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the «Business Women of Russia», the editor-in-chief of the journal «Mediation Newsletter»
Oksana Shulga
Grodno, Belarus
Ph.D., Associate professor, mediator, director of the Grodno branch of the educational and practical institution "Center" Mediation and Law", author of projects for school, family and rehabilitation mediation in the Grodno region. She graduated from the course of professional and cultural exchange "Community Connection" on the theme "Mediation as an alternative form of conflict resolution" (USA)
Ivan Khurs
Grodno, Belarus
Mediator, lawyer, coach in the Grodno branch of the educational and practical center "Mediation and Law" Center, author of projects on commercial, construction, school, family and rehabilitation mediation in the Grodno region
Elena Lugovtsova
Minsk, Belarus
Deputy Head of International Relations, project manager of the Association of Business Education, an adviser on international activity of the Belarusian Republican Union employers, psychologist, mediator, trainer of the project «Mediation - art to negotiate» by Public Association Educational Center «POST» (2010-2011), coach and content coordinator of the project «School of Mediation» (2013), educator in mediation courses
Yulia Egorova
Minsk, Belarus
Head of the Innovation and Methodical Department at Center of development of pedagogical education and educator of the advanced training course for teachers "Mediation as a method of effective conflict resolution" at «Belarusian State Pedagogical University», coach and content coordinator of the project «School of Mediation» (2013), educator in mediation courses
Organizing Commetee
Marina Boiko
Chairman of Commettee
Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Conflictology, Head of the Laboratory of Mediation and Practical Conflictology of the RSSU Branch in Minsk, Founder and Head of the Center of Moderation and System Solutions
Elena Samal
Vice-chairman of Commettee
Ph.D. in Psychology, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology and Conflictology of the RSSU Branch in Minsk
Arsen Dzhanashia
Senior teacher at the Department of Psychology of Mogilev State A.A. Kuleshov University, co-founder and trainer at the Development Studio eduStory, a member of the Russian Association for Restorative Mediation
Marianna Semeshko
Mediator, profiler, business coach, author of transformational games
Irina Belskaya
Chairman of the Board of the Center "Mediation and Law", Associate Professor of the Faculty of International Relations of the Belarusian State University, Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor
Liliya Vlasova
Founder of the Center for Mediation and Negotiation, a mediator and specialist in ADR. International expert IDLO and EBRD. Initiator and organizer of international events on the development of mediation. International Coach of Mediation
Aleksei Usenko
Vice-chairman and Head of the Office of Intermediaries at the "Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs", a lawyer, a mediator (commercial mediation)
Irina Orlovskaya
Head of the Educational and Practical Institution "Center "Mediation and Law". Executive Director of the Executive Directorate of the public association "Belarusian Republican Union of Lawyers"
Yulia Sapozhnikova
Facilitator, business trainer, leading strategic and facilitation sessions and training programs on facilitation, a member of the International Association of Facilitators, a partner of the Facilitation Studio in.focus
Tatiana Chubarova
Marketing Specialist in IT (Gersis Software), translator
Lyudmila Vysotskaya
Master of Psychology, specialist of the Laboratory of Mediation and Practical Conflictology of the RSSU branch in Minsk, Laureate of the Republican contest of scientific works, graduate of the program "CrossCulture Program" (Germany)
Irina Akhunova
Master of Psychology, Senior teacher at the Department of Psychology and Conflictology of the RSSU Branch in Minsk
Yulia Khvatik
Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor of BSU, international expert in practice-oriented training of lawyers, visiting professor at Columbia University (USA, 2016), curator of the Law Clinic of the BSU
of III International Mediation Fest
17 May, 2018
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18 May, 2018
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